Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Simple Tips for Better Sleep

There's a lot of things you can do to get better sleep. I'll list them here.

1) Exercise.  Exercise is something everyone should do and most people who aren't physically active don't sleep well. Why? Because the body is meant to do physical things, if you sit or lay around all day it confuses the body and leads to bad sleep. So go out and run or lift weights!

2) Eat Better. A healthy diet usually goes hand in hand with Exercise but is a lot easier and cheaper than most may think. Instead of getting fast food meals you can get bags of beans that you can cook that will last longer and be healthier. Eggs, Chicken Breasts and Rice are other examples of good healthy foods. Also learn to love spices, they can make any boring meal taste good!

3) Meditate. Think about problems but don't over think. Meditation doesn't need to be spiritual, just set aside time during the day to think and try to solve a few problems. Limit yourself to around 30 minutes so you don't get too wrapped up in it.

These three tips should help you on your way to sleeping well!


  1. Been looking for something like this. Looking forward to more tips like this.

  2. Nice tips. Meditating is good practice in general but for sleep it works wonders. Helps keep "the circus" at bay when the lights go out.

  3. A bad nights sleep or no sleep will really mess you up

  4. Well today I got up, read this post, and said "Hey, I'm going to try that." So I immediately went out and jogged for a half an hour. And then, instead of making fruit loops and energy drink for breakfast I made a real breakfast with ham and eggs and bacon. Then at the end of my day I meditated for thirty minutes, and went to bed.

    It was absolutely the best sleep of my life. Thanks!

  5. i hear you man, i never get a proper sleep.